Tidal Tribe

It's like building a sandcastle at the beach... but with plants and little people running around!



Ingame screenshot

Tidal Tribe is a god game inspired by titles like Populous, Doshin the Giant and From Dust where your abilities are reduced to the purest and most basic of divine powers: raising and lowering land. And while this might sound like a god who got ripped off when whatever supergod was distributing powers, when you live on a shore constantly hit by massive waves, this power is what decides the fate of your fellow NPCs.

You build the walls and ditches to protect their houses from the destructive force of nature, but at the same time you build rivers and lakes to use the creative side of this force, use the water to grow food and wood and see your village thrive. Or see those who stand in your way drown. It's your decision. You decide where to construct aqueducts to reach remote areas. You control how the land is used, what society you will create. You can help extinguishing fires... or not. See if your NPCs can save their plantations on their own.

And these plantations are the main focus of the game. There are several different types of plants, all with different preferences and fruits they provide. Some only grow close to the sea, others far away, some need a lot of sunlight, others prefer shadowy hills. Some give food, some potable water, others medicine (and some provide bananas because what kind of game would it be if you can't place banana peels on the ground?). It is your mission to create terrain that yields enough of the different types to satisfy the needs of your people and make their village prosper.


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